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  • The Chasm - Procession to the Infraworld

    The Chasm - Procession to the Infraworld
    2000 Dwell Records


The Chasm - Procession to the Infraworld

2000 Dwell Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

The Chasm... A band that I had heard plenty about, but had yet to discover... Having read plenty about this band, and knowing Daniel Corchado from his stellar work on Incantation's Diabolical Conquest, I really expected Procession to be nothing but balls out North American style death metal, and boy was I in for a shock. While I can get into the brutal NY/Fla sound plenty, it's the lack of melody (or memorable factors) that limit the amount of listens through time. Containing more depth in their opening intro than most copycat death metal bands can amass during their entire albums, The Chasm has, for me, created a truly remarkable album. The process of reviewing as of late has become pretty easy, with most bands choosing a particular style (or band) to model themselves after, sometimes delivering the goods, but mostly just rehashing the previous works of other groups, not really adding anything of value besides a 40 minute diversion. So, while you may hear snatches of influence here and there (Slayer, Kreator, Pink Floyd!), it's the logical culmination of all the music from the past 20 years that has formed Procession, this being a wall of sound with each brick discernible, yet necessary to the whole. Brutal and melodic, these are the words being thrown around to describe this, and I don't care to dispute, but there's something more, something indescribable that you can only sense or feel when listening to something such as this. Eucharist had it, Dissection had it, just an overall idea that the pain and rage expressed here is real, not something on loan for the recording. It's an element that can't be produced or manufactured, an element which sets one album apart from another, and here The Chasm have it. A true surprise and an excellent record.