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  • Toxik - Think This

    Toxik - Think This
    1989 Roadrunner Records


Toxik - Think This

1989 Roadrunner Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

Back again after a short hiatus, now sporting a second guitarist and a new, somewhat tamer, vocalist. Think This has all the facets of World Circus, maybe being a little more restrained and focused. As I mentioned, Charles Sabine doesn't stay in the wail zone as much as Mike Sanders did on WC, but he does go there on occasion. In thinking about it, parts of World Circus are pretty raw (hence the term thrash) but I liked that, and in comparing the two, World Circus might win my heart for that very edge to the album. There's a more advanced sense of dynamics going on here as wellI don't know though, for as good as the playing was on WC, here it's even better, Tad Leger's killer feet really drawing my attention. Songwise, Toxik once again prove their worth as writers, but Think This almost feels a bit too long now, and a thrash cover of Zeppelin's Out on the Tiles doesn't exactly help things. It's not bad, but not that great either. Again though, this is one of the thrash classics, an album worth hearing again and again, even if the chorus to Spontaneous repeats about 30 times too many.