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  • Unleashed Power - Absorbed

    Unleashed Power - Absorbed
    1999 Verdict Entertainment


Unleashed Power - Absorbed

1999 Verdict Entertainment :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

Comprised of three tracks from the Mindfailure sessions and two songs written from the early days of the band but recently recorded, Absorbed is a strong display in one man's vision of progressive metal. Basically conceived by guitarist Ken Jacobsen, Unleashed Power (or U.P., as they are known now) blends various tempos and styles into a powerball of metal which reminds one of bands such as Iced Earth, Fates Warning and other stalwarts of the genre without leaning too heavily on their sound. All five tracks are strong, but I definitely prefer the middle material in terms of their technicality and in performance. Good tracking as well, with ultimate scorcher Perpetrator of Dreams lying in the dead center of the E.P., the apex of the album in my humble opinion. This is basically a taster for old fans and for those of us (such as myself) who had never heard U.P. before. Very impressive material from an obviously talented group of musicians. Trivia note, this is the same J?rg Michael who has graced both Stratovarius and Mekong Delta albums, something which can hint as to what lies within this encoded disc.