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Vader - Black to the Blind

1997 Impact Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

32 minutes of sheer insanity set to disc, for this album just starts and doesn't stop. Before you know it, the bonus track has played, and you have been lobotomized. I've played this disc for fans of "regular" music, and the general opinion is that I am insane. If so, so be it. This is the perfect partner for a trek to oblivion, or driving through the state of Texas. The production is superb, the playing impeccable, the sound, Vader, which if you've heard before, you know exactly what I mean. If not, imagine Slayer at 78 rpm, and you're close! This is their fastest material yet, and also ironically their most precise. Not as catchy as De Profundis, but 10 times more intense, something I didn't think possible. Another line-up change brings in Mauser (ex Christ Agony) on guitar, not altering the overall sound much, as Peter writes all the material, but I do notice that the solos appear to be more melodic here, which may be a coincidence. Buy this disc, and enter the world of the precision blastbeat, courtesy of drummer extraordinaire Doc, who continues to refine and direct his playing into a surgical strike. Trust me, when this disc is done, you'll feel as though you've just spent a half an hour with a jackhammer