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Vader - De Profundis

1995 Baron Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

In an act of mercy, Pavement Records not only signed one of the greatest metal bands in existence, they also decided to release almost all of their back catalogue. Considered by most to be their pinnacle work, De Profundis is indeed prime Vader. Opening track Silent Empire is an excellent example, surrounding the listener in precision double bass, expert riffing, and Peter's killer vocals. What really makes this album so good is the consistency, and the way that the whole thing just flows from beginning to end. No skipping of tracks required, which is optimal for me, as I'm one of those listeners who desires an album to be a complete work, not a collection of "singles". I also can't forget Blood of Kingu, the one "mid-paced" track on the album, and maybe the catchiest, based on a killer single-note riff integration. As I stated in the Sothis review, I do tend to prefer the Sothis versions to those found here, but the production here is superior, especially noticed on the bass drums, which just pound into your heart. These guys are definitely among the best out there, and with De Profundis now available almost everywhere, there's no excuse for not owning this crowning achievement.