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Vader - Kingdom

1998 Metal Mind Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

Two new ones, a bonus track, one old one redone, and a couple of techno remixes may not sound like a good deal, unless the band in question is the mighty Vader. Breath of Centuries gets redone (again!) this time with the new line-up, and the other three "normal" songs all sound like extensions of the godly Black to the Blind album. So why the remixes? According to Peter, some people felt that 4 songs does not a CD make, and in some respects they may be right. Not afraid to expose people to non-metal influences (see the Depeche Mode cover on FITP), Vader have managed to completely alter their sound, and while I may prefer the Laibach style (Morbid Angel) to these presented here, it's still pretty cool to have one of you favorite bands taken apart and completely rewritten. My only complaint? Why the $16 price tag? That's the only snagging point to buying this otherwise essential release.