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Vader - Sothis

1994 Baron Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

While actually preceding De Profundis in time, it almost appears as though the tracks on Sothis are more developed than on the future full-length. It's for this reason that I think that Sothis is an E.P. worth having, for I find that I prefer these versions. Just incredible in their precision, Vader are the flagship band for the genre, being one of the most uncompromising and distinctive groups around. One additional aspect which separates these guys from the rest is the vocals. Opting to create a powerful spoken/singing style over the demonic grunting of his peers, Peter made a wise decision, as this style tends to hold interest and fits the songs perfectly. Be wary however, as this is only an E.P. featuring 3 intros, 3 songs and a cover. But as I stated, worth it's weight in gold to hear the sheer intensity of opening track Sothis (which became the trademark opening number for their subsequent live sets). Hear it and know why.