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  • Various Artists - ID5

    Various Artists - ID5
    1999 Century Media Records


Various Artists - ID5

1999 Century Media Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

One cool thing about compilations is that many labels are pretty much giving 'em away nowadays, meaning that you can get almost 75 minutes of "quality" music for like $5. That's 10 cents a minute (no, just kidding). Anyway, Century Media is the leader in this marketing push, and lo and behold, here's the 5th installment in their now famous Identity series. If you've ever picked up one of these before, then you know what to expect. Basically, these are recorded songs off of most of CM's roster, nothing really out of the ordinary (hence the low price). But, if you wanted to check out a couple of tracks by a band you didn't want to drop $15 on, then pick this up. I'm not going to go through each band, but I'd say that standouts would include Skinlab, Cryptopsy, Katatonia, Old Man's Child, Blind Guardian, Opeth and Angra's modern Maiden sound (this is a new signing for CM, and these guys fucking rock!). You really don't have much to lose if you're at all interested in a couple of these bands. Check the CM website for more info...