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  • Various Artists - Roots III (A Trilogy

    Various Artists - Roots III (A Trilogy
    1999 Root-O-Evil Records


Various Artists - Roots III (A Trilogy

1999 Root-O-Evil Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

The only consistency on Earl Root excellent underground compilations are that whatever's on there, it's guaranteed to be something unordinary. Most compilations put out are an easy way to hear a majority of the label's signed or distributed bands. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that a lot of labels tend to sign acts that are very limited in scope, making it more of an example of a sub-genre. The Root-O-Evil comps are a tad different, and remind me of the underground of old, complete with professional "joke" songs, badly recorded basement demos, and a "major" act or two thrown in for good measure. Really experimental in that Earl throws in noise tracks after death metal after spoken word singles, forcing anticipation to grow towards the completion of one song, as you can only guess as to what will hit you next. Standouts for me include: Impaler's live version of Graverobbers from Outer Space, Usurper's noisefesty Soulstalker '96, the majesticly pompous Lorde of All Desires, Swordkiller (complete with their poseur hell intro), Brian Bart's nod to Praxis, and The Coup de Grace's awesome 80s power metal Grave World track. Overall, another killer comp from a guy who has been deeply mired in the underground for longer than most people have been listening to metal. Worth the mere pittance he charges for these things.