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  • Various Artists - Roots IV Zoso

    Various Artists - Roots IV Zoso
    1999 Root-O-Evil Records


Various Artists - Roots IV Zoso

1999 Root-O-Evil Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

The fourth compilation in only about a year, Earl Root has once again managed to compile some truly eclectic bands for this issue's Roots compilation. Including quite a few ROE roster artists such as Lorde of all Desires, Impaler, Le'rue Delashay, Plan E and the 612 Crew, Zoso also features long lost tracks from recent recorders like Fleshgrind and November's Doom. All I can say for these, outside of there being some really killer tracks you won't find anywhere else, is that if approached with an open mind, any of the Root-O-Evil compilations should remind you of the days of yore, when compliations had 20 bands that all sounded different in both production and style. Pretty cool stuff, and even Impaler live on this disc sounds tighter than ever, woo-hoo!