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Voivod - Killing Technology

1987 Noise Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

Killing Technology is the first album where the "cybermetal" begins to show. This is an incredible album which plays as a demented science fiction soundtrack of incredible depth. Piggy shows that he is just a guitar god, for I've yet to hear anyone rival his chord progressions for originality or in sound. I bought this album sophomore year of high school and it is still one of my favorites. I was blown away then and listening to it again, I still am. Snake's voice begins to have it's trademark robotic feel. This whole album is very mechanical. The foundation is set by the rhythms, which are driven by Away's steady drumming and Blacky's bass, which always has a very distinctive sound, very prominent. Of course, this is all nothing without Piggy's guitar lines, which are truly genius. Killing Technology was the first real step for Voivod in voicing their vision of metal, and is an incredible album which doesn't lose any impact over time.