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Voivod - The Outer Limits

1993 MCA Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

After Jean-Paul Theriault left the band, everyone was wondering what direction Voivod would go. Angel Rat was light years removed from their previous releases, a seminal pop-metal album for the masses. While this was an awesome album, I as well as others were hoping for a return to the cybermetal offerings of the past. How lucky we are, for The Outer Limits is an excellent combination of the two styles. The juggernaut power of the mid-career albums is paired with the sharp songwriting skill of Angel Rat in 54 minutes of brilliance. The theme here is obvious from the cover, aliens aliens aliens, but the tone (unlike say, Hypocrisy's Abducted)is in a campy, 50's vein. The guitar is heavily delayed and full of effects, and once again is allowed to venture outside the song due to the strong, thick bass sound. The production is excellent here, every note is clear, showcasing the musical talent involved in the band. Snake's vocals, while not the robonaut he was, are closer to the past than Angel Rat. Another positive point here is the variance of style which is always present. The songs span horizons, there's no bleeding of material here. Case on point is the album's highlight, the 17 minute Jack Luminous, which flows smoother than most 3 minute pop songs. Voivod have done it again here, and with the exception of the recent Phobos, this may be my favorite Voivod album.