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  • WatchTower - Control and Resistance

    WatchTower - Control and Resistance
    1989 Noise Records


WatchTower - Control and Resistance

1989 Noise Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

I first heard this band on the Doomsday News 2 compilation, and was completely surprised by the intricacies placed forth here. All of these guys are virtuosos, and just let it fly on this, their second release. Half the old band is gone, but new super-shredder Ron Jarzombek more than ably fills the guitar slot, and Alan Techhio is a dead ringer for the departed Jason McMaster. This album tops the previous one in terms of progressiveness, refusing to be stay in one time signature for more bar. Much of this due to Colaluca, who just drums in a circular fashion here, never playing the same thing twice, which I've heard pisses off more than one non-drummer I know. Anyway, it doesn't get any better than this, the ultimate play-along album for the budding musician. The vocals do get a little old for me (not the biggest fan of Tecchio's style, but he can sing, and the music more than makes up for it. Simply put, if you're into highly progressive metal, you must seek this out. Like nothing else out there.