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Bolt Thrower...for Victory1994Earache Recordsrofreason
BlackstarBarbed Wire Soul1996Peaceville Recordsrofreason
BlotorchBlotorch1999Wicked World Recordsrofreason
BewitchedDiabolical Desecration1996Osmose Recordsrofreason
BeseechFrom A Bleeding Heart1998Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Bolt ThrowerMercenary1998Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Black FuneralMoon of Characith1999Full Moon Productionsrofreason
Blind GuardianNightfall in Middle Earth1999Century Media Recordsrofreason
BenedictionOrganized Chaos2001Nuclear Blast Recordsskeksis
BewitchedPentagram Prayer1997Osmose Recordsrofreason
BorknagarQuintessence2000Century Media Recordsrofreason
Bolt ThrowerRealm of Chaos1989Earache Recordsrofreason
Beyond FearS/T2006SPV Recordsskeksis
BelieverSanity Obscure1990Roadrunner Recordsrofreason
BenumbSoul of the Martyr1998Relapse Recordsrofreason
Brutal TruthSounds from the Animal Kingdom1997Relapse Recordsrofreason
BongzillaStash1999Relapse Recordsrofreason
BorknagarThe Archaic Course1998Century Media Recordsrofreason
Bolt ThrowerThe IVth Crusade1992Earache Recordsrofreason
Blind IllusionThe Sane Asylum1988Under One Flag Recordsrofreason
Bleeding ThroughThe Truth2006Trustkill Recordsskeksis
Burnt OfferingWalk of the Dead1998SOD Recordsrofreason
Bolt Thrower Warmaster1990Earache Recordsrofreason
Bleeding ThroughWolves Among Sheep DVD2005Trustkill Recordsskeksis