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Fear FactoryTransgression2005Calvin/Liquid 8 recordsskeksis
Fear FactoryArchetype2004Liquid 8 RecordsSkeksis
Fates WarningAwaken the Guardian1986Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Fates WarningNo Exit1988Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Fates WarningPerfect Symmetry1989Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Fates WarningParallels1991Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Fates WarningStill Life1998Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Forced EntryAs Above, So Below1991Relativity Recordsskeksis
Fear FactorySoul of a New Machine1992Roadrunner Recordsskeksis
Fear FactoryDemanufacture1995Roadrunner Recordsskeksis
Fear FactoryDigital Connectivity DVD2002RoadRunner Recordsskeksis
Frederik Thorendal's Special DefectsFrederik Thorendal's Special Defects1997UAE Recordsrofreason