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Anacrusis - Reason

1990 Active Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-06-30

It comes to no surprise that the first really distinctive Anacrusis album also is also where creative mastermind Kenn Nardi takes over the production reigns. Still primitive, still mighty thrashy, but also more emotive, and more demanding of respect. The songs incorporate more dynamics, while the lyrics take a more personal direction, and seem indicative of a very deep and troubled psyche. There also seems to be more experimentation here, as some songs seem out of step (Child Inside) with most of the album. This doesn't break up the flow, but rather what could have been monotony. There are a couple of slower spots (Wrong drags a little), but this is petty when looking at the whole picture. Good sense of dynamics, but I wonder what the album would have sounded like had either Chad Smith or Paul Miles played drums on this release. This is a question based on the good but sometimes overly busy playing of Mike Owen. You can feel the youthful energy he displays, but it also allows Reason to skirt the line a little too often. Positives would be the excellent basswork of one John Emery, and the increasingly eccentric vocals of Nardi. Closer to Suffering Hour in sound than to Manic Impressions, Reason is a step up in the Anacrusis evolution, but still a bit raw. The CD includes two bonus tracks which are worth having.