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TaetreOut of Emotional Disorder1999Die Hard Recordsrofreason
TartarosThe Grand Psychotic Castle1996Necropolis Recordsrofreason
TelluriumLV4261999Root-O-Evil Recordsrofreason
TestamentLive in London DVD2005Eagle Rock Recordsskeksis
The Black Dahlia MurderMiasma2005Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
The ChasmProcession to the Infraworld2000Dwell Recordsrofreason
The CrownHell is Here1998Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
The Dillinger Escape PlanUnder the Running Board1998Relapse Recordsrofreason
The HauntedThe Haunted1998Earache Recordsrofreason
The MistGottverlassen1996Repulse Recordsrofreason
The Quiet RoomIntrospect1998Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
TherionSymphony Masses: Ho Draken Ho Megas1993Nuclear Blast Recordsrofreason
TherionLepaca Kliffoth1995Nuclear Blast Recordsrofreason
TherionTheli1996Nuclear Blast Recordsrofreason
Thought IndustrySongs for Insects1992Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Thought IndustryMods Carve the Pig: Assassins, Toads and God's Flesh1993Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Thought IndustryOuter Space is just a Martini Away1996Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Thought IndustryBlack Umbrella1997Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
Today is the DayTemple of the Morning Star1997Relapse Recordsrofreason
Today is the DayIn the Eyes of God1999Relapse Recordsrofreason
TottenkorpsTharnheim: Athi-Lano-nhi: Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels2001WWIIIskeksis
ToxikWorld Circus1987Roadrunner Recordsrofreason
ToxikThink This1989Roadrunner Recordsrofreason
TreeOur Day Will Come1999Wonderdrug Recordsrofreason
TurmoilThe Process Of1999Century Mediarofreason