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  • Tree - Our Day Will Come

    Tree - Our Day Will Come
    1999 Wonderdrug Records


Tree - Our Day Will Come

1999 Wonderdrug Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Interesting, very interesting indeed. One of the main things that Tree remind me of is skate metal. I can't peg just why, but these tracks remind me of some of the Texan hardcore that was out circa 1985. Sure, the guitars are heavier, and the overall production is a bit meatier, but lyrically, we're back there, and the vibe of the thing is this free-for-all type atmosphere where you've got four guys just going for it. Vocals are a bit soulful, not quite as abrasive as days of yore, but to paraphrase Napoleon Wilson, "There are moments." A bit primitive perhaps, but I can easily pick out some killer riffs on the first few spins, tracks like Cemetary being a prime example of that hooky soul-core (NOT emo-core) I so speak of. One cool surprise: First time I played this I noticed that the final track was the same playing time as the album. I thought to myself, "Oh great, another 32 minute blank song." But instead, tack 12 is the whole album, sans indexing. First time I've ever seen that, and it's a pretty cool idea. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it's OK, a punky, rocky ride through rural america, complete with backing vocals. For some reason I'm sure that this comes across better live.