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  • Tellurium - LV426

    Tellurium - LV426
    1999 Root-O-Evil Records


Tellurium - LV426

1999 Root-O-Evil Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

First things I noticed about this disc were the cover art, and the fact that this mini-CD was named for the planet in Alien(s). Pretty cool stuff within, as Tellurium deliver a mechanized metal dance machine of sorts, sounding at times like a beefy KMFDM. I guess you could pull in references to Skrew, Monster Voodoo Machine and Malhavoc as well, for LV426 nods towards all those groups, utilizing a truly pummeling rhythm track (electronic, of course), as the foundation for some meaty riffs. Samples galore, and grindy vocals round out the overall vibe, which is armoured dance hall warfare, perfect for a dark, dismal Saturday night. FYI, Tellurium is a transition element usually found with gold and silver. Just thought you'd like to know.