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  • Taetre - Out of Emotional Disorder

    Taetre - Out of Emotional Disorder
    1999 Die Hard Records


Taetre - Out of Emotional Disorder

1999 Die Hard Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Oh yeah! It seems as though I have to slog through like 20 mediocre discs before something like this jumps out and grabs me. After the requisite 40 second intro (some say mood building, I of the ADD generation say distracting), things kick off and continue along for the duration. Not as balls out as Carnal Forge or Naglfar, I'd still put Taetre up there in the same dimension as those bands, accenting the power rather than the melodic. Yet these songs don't appear chord based, as a lot of other metal albums do, lightening the atmosphere but still keeping the pace and power, get me? I guess the whole package is that new school Swedish Death, just a tad more accessible, which isn't always a bad thing you know. The title refers to how the record was created. Interestingly enough, the most "emotional" track on the album is the ripping cover of the Stones's Paint it Black. Overall, a really good blend of all the Swedish flavours, but I'm kinda bummed about the short playing time though.