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Tottenkorps - Tharnheim: Athi-Lano-nhi: Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels

2001 WWIII :: Reviewed by skeksis on 2005-10-17

I think the first part of the album title translate into how to sound like Broken Hope/Cannibal Corpse, have a ridiculous singer that farts into the mike the whole record, and release 16 tracks too many. I know, I know, that';s a bit harsh, but damnit, this record gave me a headache listening to it. If this record came out 10 years ago on the then fledgling Nuclear Blast, we would all be hailing this as THE shit. But that';s not the case, and if you own any Cannibal record, or any of NB';s early records, you really don';t need this unless you';re a rabid death metal maniac and you need every growlly album released with a gazillion riffs. Man, I swear I was yelling at the stereo like a idiot yelling at game shows every time a riff that sounded familiar came on. OH, OH, there';s the Gorguts parts, OH OH; I know that, that';s Broken Hope!!! But, in all fairness, Tottenkorps are extremely good on making the songs work in the sense that all though your never going to remember a single riff or hook (because there';s none), but the band sounds tight and like seasoned veterans of the scene. Supposedly they have been around since the early nineties, but you would think that after all these years they would have updated their sound just a tiny bit. But than again, if that new Cannibal Corpse record is as awful as the MP3 of one of the new tracks on Metalblade.com, I just might be listening to this a hell of a lot more! Good for what it is, but no much more.