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  • Bongzilla - Stash

    Bongzilla - Stash
    1999 Relapse Records


Bongzilla - Stash

1999 Relapse Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

Still unable to say the name without breaking into a fit of laughter (not unlike me on certain green paths), imagine my surprise to find myself actually craving the mighty Bongzilla! Unable to abate my hunger for this slab of Sabbathian riffage, one could say my habits have taken on a gluttonous bend. How to describe the Bongzilla experience? Well, it will be different for everyone. Some may feel joy, some may feel a touch paranoid, but all will succumb to the wrath of Bongzilla! As for me, anything which touches on what Sleep has accomplished in the last 7 years deserves my attention, and while the vocals may harsh the throat more than your average dose, the conviction with which this is performed leaves me no choice but to relish it's existence. Master knob turner Billy Anderson must also be thanked, for he has kept the purity which is the Bongzilla sound there, increasing the potency while filtering the unwanted. Excellent sludge rock, baked to perfection, but, I also have this sneaky suspicion that these guys might smoke pot. If that's the case, then I will burn this disc, because drugs are bad! Bad, I say! And also, well... because... Shit, I lost my train of thought.