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  • Carcass - Heartwork

    Carcass - Heartwork
    1994 Earache Records


Carcass - Heartwork

1994 Earache Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

Another giant leap for Carcass, Heartwork is a metal masterpiece of bludgeoning riffs, soaring melodies, and frenzied vocals. From start to finish, this album kills! Even more technically advanced than Necroticism, Carcass clears some of the sludge to make an album which is just as heavy, but light years more accessible. Gone are Bill Steer's contributions as he concentrates more on his intricate guitar interplay with Mike Amott. Ken Owen continues to improve on every album, adding a solid yet idiosyncratic foundation to the overall sound. I can't think of another drummer out there that plays like he does. He handles blast beats and nuances with ease and incredible tightness. The only element which may not stand out is Jeff Walker's bass, for as with every album, it's there, but buried in the low end. This may be due to the fact that they ARE tuned down 2.5 steps to B! Overall, the production is excellent, as can be expected from Colin Richardson. Very tight and professional, this is destined to be a classic in the genre and is one of my favorite death metal albums of all time.