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  • Ebony Tears - A Handful of Nothing

    Ebony Tears - A Handful of Nothing
    1999 Black Sun Records


Ebony Tears - A Handful of Nothing

1999 Black Sun Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Just when I think that I'm destined to hear nothing but garbage for a month, fate intervenes and furnishes me with some truly spectacular music. I didn't get the last release by Ebony Tears, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll have it before the week's end! Evoking images of the best aspect of the Swedish Scene while incorporating personality, A Handful of Nothing is 30 minutes worth hearing. There are obligatory references to be made, At the Gates and Arch Enemy among them, but while there are some real melodius moments, AHoN contains some real frenetic passages that lean more towards the newer breed of Swedish metalheads than the "Gothenburg" era. The violin track doesn't too much for me, but hey, we only killed 1:20 with that, time more than made up for on the remainder of the album. Don't let the fact that Ebony Tears is being promoted as a two-piece, as recording drummer Richard Eldund??? just kicks the shit out of his kit here. DO yourself a favor and listen to Ebony Tears, it's a good'n.