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Edge of Sanity - Purgatory Afterglow

1994 Black Mark Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-02

Always doing something a little different, these guys are. Edge of Sanity often walk the line (I won't make a pun with Edge) of cheesiness and brilliance, most of the time achieving what they set out to accomplish. Dan Swan? is indeed a brilliant arranger/producer, and the sound of this album shows that. The album starts out with this 80's keyboard love song intro, but then just cranks into one of the catchiest songs on the album. I remember when I first heard the intro, I was like, man, what is this crap? But the next day, I found myself humming along to it. This album has some real dark spots, but is in a pretty experimental vein, and may turn off the balls out total death or nothing crowd, but for everyone else, this is prime Edge of Sanity, and is highly recommeded. I love the guitar sound on this album. There's this dark, low B buzzsaw guitar used as the foundation which the melodic guitars are built on. This truly is awesome stuff, for after each listen, I hear the genius which resides in each composition.