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  • Endless - Beauty, Tears, and the Setting Sun

    Endless - Beauty, Tears, and the Setting Sun
    1999 Pavement Records


Endless - Beauty, Tears, and the Setting Sun

1999 Pavement Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Interesting disc here, Endless playing some sort of a mix of doom, death and punk! Doom? Where! Oh, that's in the vocals, and those meloncholy guitar lines. Death? I don't believe it! Oh yeah, sounds like these guys are tuned down to A, we've got some requisite double bass and some gnarlish vocals. Punk? Yeah right! Well, I hear a certain "I can't quite play this part but I'm gonna go for it anyway!" mentality, especially with the drumming, which is certainly a punk ethic if I ever knew one. I guess Beauty, Tears... piques my interest because it spans so many sub-subgenres, but it also kinda bores me at the same time, the whole thing just sorta on cruise control, especially vocally. OK, those string sections make me want to euthanize my second oldest cat who has leukemia, but I'm only in my basement crying about 20 minutes a day. So while I appreciate someone making another record which panders to the "gothic" individual, it's a really hard task to do without coming across completely pretentious. Morgion somehow got away with it, but they also really live the life (irony, folks), and I don't know about Endless just yet. OK, I'm being kinda harsh, but this is an album that I'm glad the review is done for, cuz I doubt that it will EVER be played again, unless I lose another kitty to the great purina famine. PS, I don't like cats.