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  • Engine - Engine

    Engine - Engine
    1999 Metal Blade Records


Engine - Engine

1999 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-06

I got both Jim Matheos's and Ray Alder's solo albums at rouhgly the same time, and to me it's pretty interesting to see the completely different approaches the two men take. While Jim's Away with Words is more of a jazz-tinged new age instrumental album of sorts, Alder has grabbed onto the "newer" style of bands like the Deftones to produce a "hip" hard rock album which has the ability to break big in the mainstream. Obviously, I'm stating that this album has sell out appeal, so why should anyone give it the time of day? Well, for one thing, when these guys decide to do something, it's gonna be good no matter what it is. I always scratch my head when veteran musicians "play down" and school the younger kids, thinking that it's mostly for the sure-fire bucks that this prefabricated stuff will rake in, but Engine seems a little different, the band exhibiting a little more soul into the songs than other bands I can think of. The entire thing is pretty accessible, focusing on those start/stop rhythms and heavy guitar that's so popular on the TV these days, which makes it ear candy, but it's also got some mean hooks in it. It's good, don't get me wrong, but the more I listen to it, and looking at the band's choice of apparel (straightfrom your local mall skate/surf shop), I wonder what's really going on here. I missed the chance to interview Ray to see where his head was at, and I'd really like to give the guy who created some pretty memorable albums with Fates Warning the benefit of the doubt, but I can smell big business all over this thing. An album definitely made for the mainstream generation.