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  • Enthroned - The Apocalypse Manifesto

    Enthroned - The Apocalypse Manifesto
    1999 Blackend Records


Enthroned - The Apocalypse Manifesto

1999 Blackend Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-06

Major improvement here, and a good thing for me, as I seriously did not get into their last offering. Don't know if it was due to a session drummer stepping in on Skullthrone, but that album seemed as though it was set on autopilot and let loose to fly wildly in the night. Greater control, better song structure, and some dynamics lead me to like this album more, but the whole thing is stil a bit too raw for me. Keeping things real by recording the album in the treble hemisphere, Enthroned play some unholy black metal, quality stuff for the fanatic, but a bit too frentic for me after 30 minutes. I prefer things a bit less tinny, something with some meat in it, making this my worst nightmare in terms of production, as the mix emphasizes the higher register. Less apparent during the slower sections, but since a great deal of the album is blastbeat central, a heaping dose of cymbals and snare dominates the forefront. So, while it's leaps and bounds above their previous work, still not to my tastes.