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Entombed - Uprising

2000 Sanctuary Music :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-06

So by now we all know that Entombed will never make another Clandestine, and for a while, that bothered me. Everyone I know just loves Wolverine Blues, but to me it signified the end of an era for Entombed, one that followed culminated in the poorly received Same Difference. I only "say" poorly received because I didn't care enough to buy it, and honestly, had Uprising not been sent to me, I never would have bought it. Which would have most definitely been my loss, for the association with Man's Ruin records has appeared to sharpen Entombed into a band which is at times reminiscent of (if anything) 80's skate punk. Very strange, but very catchy, giving nothing but good memories and for once, rockin' tunes that don't seem to pander to an audience quite so much. The tracks kinda bounce along for the most part, but something feels different. The boys grew up, opening the vaults on their influences to come up with an album that sounds like it should have been recorded in Southern California 15 years ago. Should they have kept the Entombed name? Who knows, who cares. All is forgiven with this one, an album which is 100% middle finger in the air fuck you to everything commercial in the world today. A collection of anthems for all of us who refuse to grow up.