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  • Immolation - Failures for Gods

    Immolation - Failures for Gods
    1999 Metal Blade Records


Immolation - Failures for Gods

1999 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-06

I remember that when Dawn of Possession came out it made quite a stir to those of us who cared, I even bought Rob the T-Shirt as an unholy gift that year. Well, Immolation appeard to disappear for a while, even longer for me as I completely missed their Here in After release for years. Well, enter 1999 and Failures for Gods appears on my doorstep. The first thing that I have to comment on is that the packaging is nothing short of amazing, Andreas Marschall creating a landscape of terror which avoids entering that cheesy realm that so many covers lie in. All this would be for naught though if the album didn't stand up on it's own musical merits, and in fact, it does. To pigeon-hole them, I would say that Immolation is a *highly* technical death metal band, complete with dissonant riffs, blast/break drumming, and Ross Dolan's subterranean vocal chords. This is so technical in fact that you may feel lost upon listening, for these guys aren't interested in "hooks", just to make one Hell of a heavy album. So, it's technically proficient, excellent packaging, what's keeping it from being a must have? Well, honestly, I don't like the drum sound at all, which is a true shame, as Hernandez's performance warrants a much better sound than this. It doesn't ruin the record or anything as extreme as that, but it is noticable. I guess this is what the band was going for though, as they feel as though this is the best production that they have had. Maybe so, but it takes away from the overall album for me. Lyrically, Dolan has outdone himself again, being a prophet for the coming armaggeddon and voicing some theories which will strike at the very heart of the "moral" majority. Lots of hidden treasures here as well, as I'm spinning the album more after time, finally unravelling what the band has accomplished.