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  • Impaler - It Won't Die

    Impaler - It Won't Die
    1999 Root-O-Evil Records


Impaler - It Won't Die

1999 Root-O-Evil Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

Having existed in one form or another for close to 15 years, Bill Lindsey's Impaler is shock rock at it's finest. Wrapped in an image that harkens back to the days of UHF (horror movie central), It Won't Die rocks along through it's ten tracks, giving us little stories of Witches, Zombies and other little beasties. High points would definitely be the title track, Grave Robbers from Outer Space, and Santo vs. the World, which revels in it's Dead Kennedy's like simplicity. One trade off that usually occurs when emphasis is placed on the image is that the music performances tend to suffer, and here is no exception. Guitar withstanding, there's nothing special going on here, most tracks chugging along with a certain garage recording feel to them. While New guitarist Brad may not be a master of modes, I dig his overall tone and feel. In a timeless planet, this would be the epitome of shlocky punk-metal, but today, it seems a tad dated. Still heaps o' fun though, and you gotta hand it to Lindsey for keeping his fight against the norms going for as long as he has. It also sounds like these guys are having a good time, which has to count for something.