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  • Krabathor - Orthodox

    Krabathor - Orthodox
    1998 Morbid Records


Krabathor - Orthodox

1998 Morbid Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-07

Pretty well known in the European Death Metal scene, Krabathor dish out a strain of metal, that, as reports go, becomes more powerful with every release. This is being my introductory record from this Czech band, I won't be able to comment on the growth since the last disc, but I can safely say that what we have right here is a serious slice of death, all wrapped up and ready to maim. Smashing out of the gates with the title track, Orthodox cruises along pretty steadily, changing the tempo at appropriate time as to not demolish the listener. Songwriting is courtesy of the axemen, with Chistopher's tracks being a tad more technical and atmospheric, Bruno's relying more on a vicious power attack. Vocal duties are split between the two, but I'll be damned if I can find a difference between them, both guys spewing forth the same brand of grinding hate. Lyrics deal with political issues, or topics deemed "dangerous" by the band, but in reading them, there may be some things lost in the translation, only evidenced by having the sheet in front of me, since I would never be able to tell based on what I hear. The band is also down to a three piece here, and opted to record with only one guitar, so that solos are played over bass only, giving more of a realistic live feel. Production is good, with enough effects on the bass so that the sound isn't "empty" during these times. Another aspect I like is that the songs don't all blend into one big mess, Krabathor branching out more towards the end of the disc, using keyboards appropriately at given times. Not sure what else to say except this is quality straight ahead death metal, done by guys who've been around for almost 15 years.