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Kreator - Endorama

1999 Pavement Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

For a period of about three years (1986-1989) Kreator were, no holds barred, my favorite band. Pleasure to Kill is a milestone in thrash metal, as is it's successor, Terrible Certainty. I still throw on Flag of Hate to get moving at certain times. Extreme Aggression was the start of the decline of the band in my opinion, finding it a bit too by the numbers for my tastes. I skipped Coma of Souls for years, and have never even heard Renewal. Cause for Conflict found the band reinvigorated, but then Outcast found Ventor back on the throne, and the band faltered yet again. Weird, because Outcast coincidentally found Coroner's T. Tommy Baron in the band. Well, here's Endorama, and upon playing the first few tracks, I can safely say that this sucks, Kreator now vying for the Spinal Tap of 1999 award. I can't believe that two classic bands were ruined to make this piece of slop, Endorama being completely sappy, and further humiliating because there are actually some halfway decent hooks on this album, completely destroyed within seconds by some meaningless chorus or rock play. I completely give up, and you know, I wouldn't have touched this with a ten foot pole had Pavement not sent it to me. Yeah, there are moments of what Kreator used to be, but why should I sit through 15 minutes of garbage to get there, or make allowances anymore for this once incredible band? I don't, nor will I, Endorama being the final chapter in the book of Kreator. I swear, seeing that logo on this album makes me angry.