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  • Leeway - Born to Expire

    Leeway - Born to Expire
    1989 Profile Records


Leeway - Born to Expire

1989 Profile Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-12

One of my favorite crossover/metalcore albums, Leeway's Born to expire was a groundbreaking album which successfully fused the hardcore and metal camps. The problem for Leeway was that this album suffered numerous delays resulting in a 1989 release, well after the scene had developed and mutated. The album was still a bit hit with the fans, but I think had this been released a couple years earlier this would have been a benchmark album.

But this is not to take away from the magnificence within, Born to expire being for all intents and purposes a thrash album with hardcore vocals. These were one of the first bands from this camp to incorporate real metal stylings in their guitar solos and in (at the time) some of the fastest double bass drumming outside of say Slayer or Dark Angel. But as thrashy as it gets, the hardcore vibe is still there, with a certain "mean streets" feel to the vocals/lyrics and overall package. The songs themselves are pretty simple, based around a lot of power chords, but the arrangements and solos are strong, as is the delivery, with a ton of energy pushing this thing forward. I think there was some dirt here about the recording process and the subsequent delays, but I don't remember it offhand and if there were, all I can say is that the album holds up well today. The guitars are heavy, in you face, and the whole album still has an intensity to it that makes you want to thrash around the room. There was a stylistic shift after this album to more of a groove base, but here on Born to Expire you get the fan favorites in all their glory. No surprise as a lot of these tracks were 4-5 years old by the time they were recorded.

One of the seminal albums in the crossover scene, Leeway's Born to Expire ranks high on my list of must have albums. This was released as a double album with Deperate Measures in 1998.