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  • Lungbrush - Old School New School

    Lungbrush - Old School New School
    1999 Pavement Records


Lungbrush - Old School New School

1999 Pavement Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

I don't know why, maybe it's because I had just gone through about 60 albums that all had the same sound, but Lungbrush just totally hit me with a left hook straight outta New Jack City. Pretty much typical urban assault dosage paradigm, but man that just crunchin' guitar tone laid over Salinas's new school drum sound just grinds it through. And It just keeps on gettin' better and better. I can imagine that these guys put out a vicious vibe live, cuz I'm practically outta my chair shadow boxing when this thing starts to groove, and that's often. The title must refer to the old school ideas melding with the new school delivery and sound, for that's the best description I can give ya. Vocals remind one of good ol' N.Y.C., complete with quasi-positive lyrics for a negative world. Some interesting breakdowns in a few tracks lend to what is original on this album. This is a sound I relate to that broad spectrum from Biohazard to Leeway, or are those just all the N.Y.C. metal core bands? In any regard, one of the better releases I've heard lately in this untapped (for me) genre. If feel like stepping out of your killing shoes for a while and putting some mosh back in your life (before it was a taboo word of course!) then let Lungbrush scrape you clean. The moniker does evoke nice imagery I must say...