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Mangled - Most Painful Ways

2001 Martyr Music Group :: Reviewed by skeksis on 2005-10-17

Talk about time warp. Mangled';s ';Most Painful Ways'; can be best summed up as early 90';s Swedish death metal ala ';Unorthodox'; era Edge of Sanity (vocal wise, minus their brilliance of course), Unleashed, and the others mixed with some of Cannibal Corpse style blast beats and gory lyrics (not to mention some serious borrowing of some trademark Cannibal Corpse riffs). A lot of times when you get one to many cookie cutter, generic as they come albums, they all start to blur. Almost passed this one up as one of them too. But on the whole, it';s a very enjoyable time trip back ten years when the Entombed thing was the shit, every band tuned down ridiculously and no one wore sissy corpse paint-yet. Unless you';re a diehard fan of this band, your not going to pick out any standout tracks, because in all honestly, they do tend to bleed together after awhile. To Mangled';s credit, everything is extremely well played and the production is spot on, with every instrument coming in nice and clear with out drowning any one else. In the end, again its not a necessary release, but if you want to relive the glory years of the 90';s Swedish death metal movement (and I';m not talking about the In Flames thing that came a few years later), than Mangled ';Most Painful Ways'; is a excellent record to listen to since quite honestly, those bands that started this whole movement sure isn';t writing the stuff like this any more ('Same Difference' anyone?). Not bad by anyone';s standards. Not original, but not bad.