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Manowar - Hell on Stage Live

1999 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

The self-proclaimed "kings of metal" do it again, releasing another live album to please their hungry horde of fans. One of the hardest working bands in the biz, Manowar are constantly touring the world, performing over 2 hours shows almost nightly at probably the loudest volumes in the world (they do hold a Guiness World Record for this). Evidently, Manowar shows are true extravaganzas, rife with the unexpected, and several things which have become staples of every show. Never seen Manowar live? Either have I, but if this disc is an inkling of what occurs, then we've both missed an epic power metal presentation. Mixed way up front, and damn loud, Manowar rip through almost all of their classic tracks over 2 CDs, leaving no one standing. I have to hand it to these guys, as they evidently live the life they so proclaim, playing with more gusto than most bands half their age. Live shows always sport lots of solos, and here's no exception, DeMaio performing not one, but two of his infamous bass solos here for your low frequency enjoyment. After a depature some time ago, Scott Columbus is back in the drum department, pummeling out some true power. Of course, the ultimate test of a live album is making you feel like you're there, screaming with the crowd at the end of every track, and Hell on Stage does this pretty well. Crank it, and convince your neighbors that you've got the Manowar boys over for dinner.