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  • Merauder - Master Killer

    Merauder - Master Killer
    1996 Century Media Records


Merauder - Master Killer

1996 Century Media Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-07

On their first full length release, Merauder achieve what bands such as Biohazard, Pro-Pain and other New York notables wish they could accomplish. Sporting a sound that easily transcends the "metalcore" sound which feels so forced, Merauder have no problem walking the line, tying tight metallic riffs to powerhouse vocals. You know this guy would just kick your ass on principle alone. Good, intelligent street-wise lyrics courtesy of drummer Vincent Vitale, who also provides a rock-solid percussive base here, complete with mid-tempo double kicks which makes it all so much more metal. The whole album blends well, perhaps too well, as some tracks bleed into the next, but with a sound as choice as this, it's not a problem. Overall one of the best N.Y.C. "metalcore" acts that I've heard as of yet. Hand picked by Fear Factory to open up for them, and produced by former Cro-Mags guitarist Parris Mayhew. On par with Leeway (sentimental reasons) but much stronger in the vocal department.