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Meshuggah - None

1994 Nuclear Blast Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-07

After Contradictions Collapse (perhaps on tour) Jens Kidman decided to direct his focus to Vocal duties, and Meshuggah hired on another guitarist. This allowed them to start to create the "Meshuggah" sound, namely chop feel guitarwork matched note for note by the drums. The overall sound began to turn a little more industrial as well, with the addition of strange effects to the mix. The first two songs here are in the vein of what is to be found on Destroy Erase Improve, very heavy, technical industrial metal. Ritual and Gods of Rapture are more of the Contradictions Collapse era, and are quite good. Aztec Two-Step is an industrial wall of noise. None is a nice addition if you want to have everything the band has done.