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  • Metalium - Millennium Metal

    Metalium - Millennium Metal
    1999 Massacre Records


Metalium - Millennium Metal

1999 Massacre Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Just what I needed, more power metal. Not that I hate this stuff, but I just get so exasperated with having to listen to so many of these albums that I begin to start breaking into volcanic howls of the valkyrie whenever I hear those power chord crescendos. But, I guess that if I have to hear it, at least Metalium do it right. You want gut-busting operatic vocals, twin guitar attacks from beyond the black hills, double bass drumming to announce the coming of the apocalypse, Millennium Metal (Chapter 1, please) is just what the doctor ordered. Some all stars present here as well, Chris Caffery of Savatage and Mike Terrana (it's pronounced Ing-Vay...) being just a couple of them. It's professional, it's German in scope, and it just begins to bug the shit out of me. At this point, what else can I write, for if you like this brand of metal (Iron Maiden taken to new exponential heights), then you'll probably love MMP1, but, if hearing these guys kinda makes you snicker, then there's nothing here to necessitate becoming a teutonic metal convert, not even the dual sword cover.