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  • Monstrosity - Millennium

    Monstrosity - Millennium
    1997 Conquest Records


Monstrosity - Millennium

1997 Conquest Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-07

I used to play Imperial Doom just to hear Lee Harrison's drumming insanity. He was one of the fastest that was around at the time, and for pure adrenaline punch, that was the way to go. Well, that can sorta get old after a while, and there wasn't much else in the way of song structure there to keep but the avid death freak interested for more than a few listens. Ah, but Millennium, that's a different story altogether. Regrouping with new axemen, Monstrosity displays a technical adeptness which blows away anything that they had put out before. This stuff is incredibly fast, tight and interesting! This is the paradigm that death metal should follow. The guitar work is just amazing, more so for the fact that it's just one person coming up with the lines. Bass is prominent, vocals brutal, and of course, the drumming is seriously warped. Very, very nice indeed.