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  • Postmortem - Repulsion

    Postmortem - Repulsion
    1998 Morbid Records


Postmortem - Repulsion

1998 Morbid Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

This is a strange album, one that, for me, is pretty hard to classify. Kind of a mix of standard death, alternametal, and some a that streetcore stuff that's been springin' up. Hence the problem with having to try and describe some of these albums, for while it's not ORIGINAL (for nothing really is...), it's sounds a heck of a lot different than most of the stuff being pumped out. The album starts off a little rough, with more of the emphasis on crunchy mid-groove before starting to move off into new directions, which is exactly where I wished the band had concentrated more. There's sort of a slick image feel to the whole thing, yet the album touches on so many different sounds, it's hard to fault it too much. Vocals are kinda grindy, a little typical, but fit pretty well with the overall feel. I'm almost tempted to say that they sound close to a dirtier Pantera, but then nobody would listen to the album, which would be a shame, considering that there's some interesting stuff going on here. The rhythm section isn't very flashy, but fitting for a band who decide to cover Sin City I guess. Overall, not much to remember it by, but it fills that market of aggressive mid-paced stuff that seems to be a huge void nowadays...