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  • Roadsaw - Nationwide

    Roadsaw - Nationwide
    1999 MIA Records


Roadsaw - Nationwide

1999 MIA Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

Don't want to cubbyhole MIA, but this is the second just kick ass hunk of rock they've thrown my way so far. Belonging to that Kyuss (the masters) , Fu Manchu and old Monster Magnet school of sound, Roadsaw owe a hell of a lot to bands like Hawkwind and Skynyrd for inventing seventies guitar rock. The whole thing has got this redneck vibe to it, which I think is a tad ironic, seeing as the band is evidently from Boston. Doesn't really matter where they hang their hat, as they've got the southern-fried Sabbath thing together, which melds well with the whole atmosphere. Organ sections highlight some of the slower material, kinda dragging you through their vibe. Definitely not for those who only oscillate between Deicide and Cannibal, but if you want an album which'll keep you guessing from track to track, look no further than Roadsaw. I guess some of it tends to drone, irritating if you're not in the mood, but those moments are short-lived in comparison to the album as a whole. It does make you want to jump in the cab and drive cross country, that's for sure. This is one that would have benefitted by existing on vinyl.