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Sacramentum - Thy Black Destiny

1999 Century Media Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-08

I really like the idea of Sacramentum, technical guitars, precise drum work, brutal vocals, etc... My only problem with the band is they still sound too much like Dissection to ignore. Why I'm more lenient with some bands (i.e. Soilwork) I don't know, maybe it's because Thy Black Destiny also sounds a hell of a lot like their previous release, The Coming of Chaos. Granted, the sound is a little tighter, and the material's faster, but the whole thing exudes this whole "been there, done that" vibe that seriously detracts. Some lead work does surpass the one dimensional Dissection clone status, but overall, not something I'll be grabbing first in the stack. Too bad, as there's some cool stuff here, but I just can't justify getting this over something else, unless you really want everything that comes from Sweden. Cool artwork nonwithstanding, go for Defleshed as the NWoSDM pick.