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  • Sanctuary - Into the Mirror Black

    Sanctuary - Into the Mirror Black
    1990 CBS Records


Sanctuary - Into the Mirror Black

1990 CBS Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-08

Not quite as extreme vocally as the first release, Into the Mirror Black finds Sanctuary blending their breed of power metal with a more current 90's sound. The buzzsaw grooves remain, fueled by the capable rhythm section of Sheppard and Budbill. While the whole album is a solid offering, it's really the first two songs that do serious damage, the rest of the album becoming a steady, yet moderate, listen. Production is clean, performances above par, yet the complete package just isn't all that exciting. The riffs are catchy, but it kind of smacks of "that" sound which was so prevalent in the late 80s. Maybe a little too accessible for my tastes, Into the Mirror Black is at least a strong step towards what Dane and Sheppard would create with Nevermore. On a positive note, the lyrics are socially aware, adding another level of dreariness (check out the cover, you'll see what I mean) to the whole thing. As I stated before, Future Tense and Taste Revenge are true standout tracks, and had the rest of the album upheld this pattern, this would have been a classic. Instead, it's ranked in the middle with say, Metal Church, and other albums by good metal bands that were maybe a little watered down by their major label contracts.