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  • Slapdash - 240.25 Actual Reality

    Slapdash - 240.25 Actual Reality
    1996 MNW Records


Slapdash - 240.25 Actual Reality

1996 MNW Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-08

A powerhouse unit from outside Stockholm, Slapdash deliver a brutal assault of 13 excellent songs performed at a dizzying pace. The inevitable comparisons to Pantera and Machine Head will and can be drawn, but there is an element to Slapdash which allows me to listen to them repeatedly, unlike the aforementioned bands. The band is incredibly tight as a unit, probably due to the fact that 3/5 of Slapdash arose from the band Rosicrucian. The drumming is a definite highlight here, as madman B?rget is all over the map with speed and precision, somehow managing to keep everything together. Hyperkinetic guitar solos and meaty riffs are help fast by the solid bass playing. The songs are pretty damn intricate, with lots of turn-around timing. Vocals are in the shouted "hardcore" style, allowing the lyrics, which are surprisingly good, to be heard throughout. A really strong first album for Slapdash, only "Free Your Mind" doesn't really fit in the mix here.