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  • Sleep - Jerusalem

    Sleep - Jerusalem
    1999 London Records


Sleep - Jerusalem

1999 London Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

Man, you will either love this or absolutely hate it, that's for damn sure, also making this review more a description of what lies here. Here's the idea: 3 ultra stoners, who became slightly infamous for their brilliant (in my opinion) Holy Mountain LP, decide to make a 52 minute song which could serve as the perfect soundtrack to your next black light affair. Really similar to Sabbath in sound, Sleep is first and foremost a guitar band, and in that arena they certainly excel. Again produced by Billy Anderson, prepare for a sonic drenching, for the tone is so heavy, so thick, it eats like a meal. Granted, this album only hits the player at certain times, but for those times, it's perfect. Besides, how many albums are there out there like this? Now available almost everywhere, get it and prepare to just veg out with your favorite substance for your journey to Jerusalem. Highly Recommended