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Voivod - Phobos

1997 Hypnotic Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

It would figure that one of the best albums of 1997 would also be one of the hardest to find. I finally tracked down a copy of Phobos in my home town of Philadelphia, and it was the best $22 I have spent in a long time. This album is nearly perfect in every conceivable way. Every past style of Voivod finally comes together into one recording. This is just a monumental album with the space walk feel of KT, DM and TOL, mixed with the pure aggression of Negatron. Eric Forrest has come into his own here, and adds a new dimension to the vocals and bass. The guitar is, as always, the focus, but this time the drumming af Away comes to the forefront, as it appears rawer and more powerful than on past recordings for some reason. As intended, listening to this album makes you feel as though you were floating endlessly in space. I read Ender's Game while listening to this album (over and over) and it just seemed to fit perfectly. Phobos is a return to form from one of the greatest bands to ever play.