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Edge of SanityThe Spectral Sorrows1993Black Mark Recordsrofreason
Edge of Sanity Purgatory Afterglow1994Black Mark Recordsrofreason
Edge of SanityCrimson1996Black Mark Recordsrofreason
Edge of SanityInfernal1997Black Mark Recordsrofreason
Ebony TearsA Handful of Nothing1999Black Sun Recordsrofreason
EnthronedRegie Sathanas1999Blackend Recordsrofreason
EnthronedThe Apocalypse Manifesto1999Blackend Recordsrofreason
EmperorAnthems to the Welkin at Dusk1997Century Media Recordsrofreason
EmperorEquilibrium IX1999Century Media Recordsrofreason
EntombedLeft Hand Path1990Earache Recordsrofreason
EntombedClandestine1992Earache Recordsrofreason
EntombedWolverine Blues1994Earache Recordsrofreason
Em SinfoniaIntimate Portrait2001Martyr Music Groupskeksis
EngineEngine1999Metal Blade Recordsrofreason
EntombedTo Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth1997Music for Nations Recordsrofreason
ExodusShovel Headed Kill Machine2005Nuclear Blast Recordsskeksis
EndlessBeauty, Tears, and the Setting Sun1999Pavement Recordsrofreason
EntombedUprising2000Sanctuary Musicrofreason
EucharistMirrorworlds1997WAR Recordsrofreason
EucharistA Velvet Creation1994Wrong Again Recordsrofreason